Latest News:
15.3.07 - LBFLASH HAS GONE BACK IT TIME! Only temperarily, due to switching servers we had to backup our site and in the process we found it was an old backup and didn't have a newer one so please register again on the forum. We have turned the activation email off so you can register without having to worry about an email. Thank you
3.3.07 - LBDevelopment has been built, it's currently under beta so some things are empty or don't work, so don't worry, these will be fixed, please register because soon we will be intergrating LBDevelopment into the whole site. We have added a new section called LBGraphics, this is to display all the graphics we have got and if you would like ot help advertise our site as well as using our affiliate. We have changed the layout on the homepage, we found it would be an easier interface, thanks to our faithful users on LBFlash who regularly check LBFlash for updates.
27.2.07 - LBDevelopment is in production, it will take about a week. LUKE BATESON HAS BEEN FIRED!!! We have a replacement for him. Congratulations to our old co-owner, Josh Beynon. We have made some changes around LBFlash like the new navigation. You will notice these little icons more around LBFlash so try to get used to them. I have introduced LBIP just a little thing if people wish to know their IP and Browser, I will add more options later in time. I am building a news system for LBDevelopment which I will integrate into LBNews to make it easier instead of talking twice, hopefully LBDevelopment will get a lot of users.  
21.2.07 - Since LBBoards is going to take a while, I have installed phpBB to make LBForum, and it™s a temporary forum till the one I make is done. I have included millions of add ons so enjoy the forum and have fun using it. I will try to keep adding stuff and will continue to edit the forum to make it better and better.  
19.2.07 - I'm not doing much to the site now because we might be going on a new plan and changing accounts. LBBoards is in production, I will edit it a bit more, and at the moment I reset it because there was a lot of spamming going on and some mad stuff.
16.2.07 - LBDevelopment is in production, it will be out in about a month. Many of you are asking what LBDevelopment is, well it is basically LBHTML which is the LBFlash Site but made it HTML and LBSystem which is our massive PHP user system with loads of add ons together.
2.2.07 - We are in need of money to pay for hosting and server fees and domain fees and other stuff. We need this money because with this money you can help this site stay alive and continue to bring you entertainment. We appreciate all your commitment and we might stick a donate button on our site for donations.

1.2.07 - We are currently building LBHTML, for people who don't know LBHTML is an HTML version of LBFlash. Even though it's LBHTML we have php included but not much. For More PHP look out for LBPHP currently under construction. LBSystem is going to be built soon; LBSystem is the most amazing PHP user system Ever! There is so much cool stuff, this is all coming soon as well as a Staff Page with all our staff, all our current staff from the old site have been fired and if you would like to get a job at LBFlash checkout the section coming soon. We need many staff and the most needed staff now are Beta testers, we need people to look at all this new stuff coming up, we are looking for about 3-5 beta testers.